Welcome to Esponex

Online gaming, a world of unexploited potential. Virtual games have no set limits. An off day or after work, millions of players, young and old, spend their spare time in the world of multiplayer games. Be it the icons of sports or the stars on festival stages enthusiasm can be found in any hobby.
Our players, the best of their kind, excite thousands of kindred spirits daily. Like minded people who would give anything to play with or against the best of the best. It attracts an awareness that we, Esponex, would like to pass on to you. 

We will take your company's name, product or slogan and make it into the players name.
With Esponex, you will not only find highest quality and service, but a new kind of marketing as well. Be a part of a community and let our company advocate your brand in an innovative branch of marketing and let us carry you to the top.  
Contact us and demand our service! Our employees are available to your service anytime and develop individual offers and campaigns designed after your needs.





 We are a young, ambitious company with our headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany. With our business model we would like to offer a new, innovative marketing strategy to our clients; whether these are corporations, organizations or public figures.
Online games and esports are holding some of the most interesting and modern advertising spaces in the future.


 For each and every single client it needs a one of a kind planning and counseling. We would like to offer you an individual strategy and therefore, fulfill your wishes and concepts in the best way.

Your satisfaction and our reliability are the top priority for us. We are your partner for the step into a new world.


Innovation means diversification. Instead of traditional commercials, we are offering your company the fascination of your clients. We will make your customers become your fans. Our players are carefully picked from all over the world.
As we consider the talent of a gamer, with expectations we have in mind, we also ensure professional behavior of our gamers.